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Headlight Restoration

Have you noticed that your headlights don’t seem as bright as they were when your vehicle was new? Are the lenses cloudy, scratched, dull or discolored from road conditions and exposure to the weather? You have a choice of solutions; you can replace the lenses with new ones, which can be a very costly endeavor, or you can bring your vehicle into South Texas Window Tint Co., where we specialize in headlight lens restoration. Not only will you have better vision at night; you will also increase the value of your vehicle, while improving the way your vehicle looks.

Up to 90% of light can be blocked with foggy headlight lenses. This is a hazard, especially at night when we rely on as much light as possible to maneuver the roads. Our headlight restoration service begins with thoroughly cleaning the headlight lenses. We then apply our special compounds which restore the headlights to their former clear and clean glory. You will be amazed at the amount of light that was being blocked by dirty, yellowed and scratched headlights as you switch on your newly restored headlights.

We at South Texas Window Tint Co. use a time tested product that outlasts all other products on the market. A headlight service at the shop will cost between $89 and $129. We also offer a DIY kit for $129, so you can restore your headlights at your convenience. Our headlight restoration is a permanent solution, and maintenance is offered to be sure your headlights are shining as brightly as possible throughout the years. South Texas Window Tint Co. has been owner-operated since 1981. Our team of professionals work with honesty and integrity. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. When you’re ready for headlight restoration in San Antonio, TX, contact us and we’ll polish all those years of damage away. Let your headlights shine bright!

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